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The Changing Face of Botox and Dermal Fillers

For some, the word ‘Botox’ is still charged with a certain stigma. Increasingly however, Botox represents a safe and reliable way to reduce those frown lines and look and feel, not just younger but also relaxed and more confident. For a number of reasons such as advances in treatment quality, recent years have seen a distinct departure from generally negative perceptions towards Botox.
For example, undergoing Botox may have been viewed ten years ago as a dangerous, vain and unnecessary indulgence that should be shrouded in secrecy. In contrast, attending a spa day, to enjoy an ‘age-defying’ facial was luxury pampering for hardworking women who deserved a day off.

So how have attitudes changed towards Botox and facial fillers since their initial surge in popularity over a decade ago?

Increased Uptake – like Internet dating, the sheer volumes of people seeking the procedure have perhaps made Botox an increasingly socially acceptable form of beauty maintenance. The casual nature with which some men and particularly women now approach Botox is even comparable to a salon hair colour treatment or spray tan.

Dubbed ‘Botox’ for short, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and lift furrowed brows, Botox or other brands such as Myoblock and Xeomin that stem from the same neurotoxic protein, also help with treating muscle spasms, excessive perspiration and even migraines.


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Customer Feedback

" Best Botox I've ever had! Had lots of compliments stating how fresh i look. I'm really impressed abd wouldn't go anywhere else now! "
- Shelly S - Wakefield - Refering to Facial Treatments
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